Amherst, OH- City of Stone

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My Town Destination: Amherst, OH

Trip Type: Day Trip

Date of Visit: 7-6-18

Town Ambassador/Contact:  Teresa Gilles

If you like the feeling of a charming and quaint downtown, with friendly store owners and buildings built over 100 years ago that have been re-purposed for today’s businesses and tourism, then you want to make sure you travel to or through Amherst, OH. Amherst was founded in 1811 in beautiful Lorain County, only 30 miles West of Cleveland. This town of just over 12,000 has a lot to offer its residents, surrounding  towns, and those passing through.

 Amherst, OH- City of Stone:

One of the great aspects of Amherst is its history of being made of the very stone located in the area-Sandstone.  The Sandstone found in and around Amherst and its affiliated quarries built the town in 1849, and quickly became known for its quality, durability, and beautiful color and texture all over North America. Since then the industry has continued to thrive, and if you see  a beautiful red, yellow, and brown colored sandstone building, especially in Ohio, there is a good chance it came from the Amherst area- Dubbing the location “The Sandstone Center of the World”. You can read the full history here.

Lake Erie to Dos:

Amherst is within minutes of great fishing, and all Lorain County’s location on lake Erie has to offer. Public fishing piers, beaches and boat rentals are all in reach when you visit Amherst. And if your wanting to stay in Amherst proper and need your outdoor fix, check out Amherst Beaver Creek Reservation for great hiking and beautiful landscape.

Bird watchers rejoice! Lorain County has over 325 species of beautiful birds, including the bald eagle for your birding pleasure!

Memory and Honor:

Amherst has several memorials to visit within walking paths of their downtown, paying tribute and honoring the past. Make sure to take a few minutes to visit these memorials as you stroll through Amherst, adding perspective and feeling to your visit.  Highlights include: World War Veterans Monument, Vietnam Tribute “Reflections” Mural, World War II Iwo Jima Mural, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial of Lorain County. You can get a walking map of the town and locations for the memorials by clicking here.

Entrepreneurs and Revitalization:

There are several wonderful businesses to stop in while in Amherst. Some notables are The Mermaid’s Tale (takes up a large corner, can’t miss it), Arabica Coffee House( retrofitted into a firehouse)  and make sure you stop in to the town staple- Olde Town Pizza House. But there are a few businesses to highlight that are really investing in Amherst’s future that are worth highlighting. The first is Giuseppe’s Wine Cellar. Selling great wines (many local wines) and craft beer, this business takes it up a notch offering a private member only wine cellar. I had the pleasure of seeing this space, and I have to say- I wish I had one in my home town! Giuseppe’s is right next door to Cork Tree Tavern- another investor in Amherst, offering several dining experiences on the block- Cork Tree Tavern, Cole’s Public House, and Olde Hall Catering. The renovation of these great family and pub style spaces are beautifully done. I had the pleasure of receiving a welcome from one of the owners, and a grand tour from one of their family members.  The block on South Main Street has a lot to offer, make sure not to miss.

MTT Antique and Market Finds:

Many small towns are known for having great Antique Shops and Farmers Markets, this can also include Thrift Shops and the like! Here are some great MTT Antique Finds from Amherst:

Neptune’s Cellar- This place has everything from wind chimes to actual birds for sale!

Vaughnteriors Shop With Treasures & More Store


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