About Us:

Mission Statement: Connecting people with small town culture and values through travel.

Vision Statement: My Town Today is a National Movement committed to the preservation and promotion of small town culture through its local ambassadors, residents, and patrons; and has a mission to encourage stability and growth of small town culture, values, and heritage through My Town Today’s platforms to the betterment of its communities.

As consultants who travel the country- the founders of My Town Today, had an idea based on their love of visiting small towns in their travels. They found that often while traveling, finding something to do when visiting a new town was not always easy, and on weekdays even less so.

One day in June of 2017 on the way to work, the founders were flipping through the event section of a local visitor’s guide. They realized that there were several events they would have loved to have attended, had they known about them the night before. The conversation lead to the question: What if we had a platform for small towns and events to be easily searchable? Not just local, but national, and accessible all the time? It was then that the idea for the My Town Today Platform was born. Since that day, My Town Today continues to grow from town residents, and Ambassador and Market Members (see below) who spread the word about their unique and interesting attributes.

CEO BIO-My Town Today

My name is Kristy Burns (@mytowntoday).
I am a travel writer, influencer, and founder of the platform My Town Today. As a lover of small towns, travel junkie, and small town foodie, I work with small towns to showcase their unique attributes, experiences, and businesses to the My Town website and social media audience to tell their unique stories.

CEO BIO Overview:

  • Kristy is the Founder and CEO of My Town Today and has been a travel professional for over 15 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from Valparaiso University and a Master’s in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy with a concentration in Fundraising Management from Bay Path University. Kristy has always been an entrepreneur, founding her first consulting business 13 years ago, she started her career servicing nonprofit clients for many years. Under Kristy’s direction, clients raised millions of philanthropic dollars through direct response, strategic special events and major gift efforts. Kristy founded two nonprofit organizations and has built nonprofits from the ground up, including board development and
    strategic planning. She has worked with clients in several areas including environmental, conservation, education, arts, historic preservation, health and wellness, and continues to contribute and collaborate on publications, books, newsletters.
  • Growing up in a small town and visiting small towns across the country through philanthropic work, it wasn’t long until Kristy began work in small town economic development. Kristy became the Promotions Committee Chair for her town’s Main Street Program, and it wasn’t long before her skill set started to focus solely on small town promotion. Kristy now focuses this skill through travel, awareness, targeted messaging, and working carefully and creatively with small town client’s unique needs.

Join the Movement
Why are thousands of Small Town enthusiasts joining My Town Today? My Town is a symbol of community, a special culture that you can only find in a small town environment. My Town gives small towns a platform to share their stories, and promote their goods, services, and activities under a Small Town Banner with Meaning. 

Your Mission Matters To Us
Hashtag or Tag My Town Today in your favorite town pics, and we will post them!! #mytowntoday  @mytowntontoday

Parkville, MO

What is a Local Ambassador, and why are they important to My Town Today? 

A Local Ambassador for My Town Today is a voice for their town, and if the Ambassador chooses, surrounding towns and cities. Ambassadors make up the My Town Community of individuals who choose to use the tools provided for small towns to grow on and social sites. Tools such as Event Software, and the My Town Marketplace.  Ambassadors keep their town’s unique and interesting attributes alive and well on the My Town Today platform.

An Ambassador for My Town Today embodies small town pride and values, and strives to share all that their town can offer using My Town Today ‘s platform. My Town Today Local Ambassador Members are an integral part of the My Town Today Mission, and are vital to the growth and communication of My Town Today. Click here to learn how to become an Ambassador