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Advertising with My Town Today is easy. As a platform dedicated to small towns and the people and businesses that make them great, My Town Today has very reasonable advertising options to fit your budget and promote your business or product to thousands of readers every day.

Social Influence

Advertise on social media through the influence of My Town Today. Leveraging the power of social media for your customers and our audience is always a win-win. Advertising with My Town Today through social media gets you direct marketing to thousands of followers who love small towns. Click here to see the Facebook page. Click here to see the Instagram page. Pricing varies, so contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Advertise On My Town Today

Our current options allow for you to select from several placement locations and sizes. Cost is determined by size, location and results. Your AD may rotate with other advertisers as well. This way, you can choose which advertising options work best for you.

How does it work?

In order to advertise on My Town Today, you will need to be registered with the site. You do not have to be an Ambassador Member or Marketplace Member (click here to learn more about membership) in order to advertise, but members do get discounts on advertising.

Register First

You can register with My Town Today in two different ways. Click “Log In” on the right side of the top menu bar. This will take you to another page where you can enter in your login credentials or register with My Town Today. Look closely at the bottom left of the login section. There is a very small “register” link. Click here to bring up a similar form. In this new form, fill in your preferred username and email and confirm that you are not a robot by completing the security test. You will then receive an email with a confirmation that your registration was successful. Click the first link in the email to set your password. Once you complete these steps, you are now registered for My Town Today. If it doesn’t automatically log you in, make sure to login and then select the advertising options you want from this page.

If you forget to register before selecting the advertising option you want, you will get a summary form at the top of the page that looks like this. Here you will have the option to click the “Please login to continue” link. From here, follow the same steps as listed above.

Select Your Advertising Options

Click on any of the options at the top of this page and you will be taken to a summary of the AD location you chose. The summary will tell you how many spots are available at the location you chose and a brief description of the advertising location. Below the description you will need to enter your first and last name and a email address to associate with your advertising account. Finally, at the bottom of the summary, it will reiterate the advertising spot, provide an ID# for the AD location and show the price and duration you have selected.

Once you have selected the advertising option you want, click the “Confirm & proceed to payment” button. This will take you to another page that will show you your cart and you can enter a coupon code (Member Discount Code). If everything is correct, proceed to checkout.

The checkout page will ask for all of the billing information we have all grown accustomed to filling out online. Select whether you want to pay with Paypal or credit card (Stripe). If you forgot to enter your coupon code, you have another chance to add it on this page. Once you enter your payment information, you will be taken to your checkout page. From here you can click on your user dashboard.

Once you place your order, you will get an email indicating that your order was received. After we process your order, you will be able to create your AD from the User Dashboard.

Create Your AD

Click “Add Banner” and this will walk you through your options to create and edit your advertising. From the dashboard, you can give your advertising a title, add a URL and upload an image file. The image file dimensions are listed on the dashboard, so remember to double check the size to ensure that your AD will fit correctly. Also, make sure to include the “HTTP://” in the URL or it may not link properly.

You may enter any title you want in your AD. If you purchase more than one AD, a good title will help you to remember which one is which. To upload an image to your AD, make sure to click on the yellow box with the cloud. Here you will be able to upload your file. You will also be able to see a live preview of your AD on the right side of the screen. Once you are satisfied with the AD, make sure you save your AD. Once you save your AD it will be live on My Town Today. You can save several times, even if you are not finished. You can always comeback later and make changes. Just access the user dashboard by clicking here, going to, or by clicking the link in the menu bar.