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Jodi Bird
Travel and Volunteer Destination Influencer

Jodi Bird
Bountiful Blessings

Jodi Bird is an avid traveler who enjoys highlighting locally owned businesses and small-town communities. She loves to talk with business owners and learn about their business and how they got started.

Traveling with either friends or family, Jodi seeks out unique and hidden gems that ultimately provide the best travel stories. She also enjoys exploring parks and outdoor venues. Volunteering, and making a positive impact on the world, is a special and unique branch of her travel website.

Jodi is always on the lookout for volunteer opportunities for individuals and families while they are on vacation. She feels it is not only important to contribute at home but while traveling too. Volunteering allows kids and adults alike to familiarize themselves with various customs and cultures by getting to know the locals.

When looking for overnight accommodations, Jodi prefers to locate unusual, fun finds. Some of her favorites include staying in an airplane, a silo, a hobbit house, and a cement teepee.