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Circleville, A Great Short Day Trip In South Central Ohio

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Upon entering the town of Circleville, the first site I came upon off route 22 was Ohio Christian University. OCU is a growing University adding to the Circleville culture. On this particular day, I stopped into the Maxwell Center (common area on campus) and grabbed a cup of Crimson Cup Coffee, and then gave myself a short tour of the grounds. Walking around a college campus is always a relaxing and equally exciting activity. Seeing the hustle and bustle of campus life, and the beauty of the landscaped grounds.

Next on my agenda, and less than two miles away is Downtown Circleville, so on I went continuing my short day trip.

First Glance

Upon arrival on Main Street, signs of the now famed Circleville Pumpkin Show were apparent in many shops along the thoroughfare, from donuts to bookstore goods. One unique stop was to Keystone Books. This little bookshop caught my attention when I saw several displayed booked wrapped in brown paper. They each had a short description of genre, and an adorable tag that said “blind date with a book”. I promptly went exploring inside and found not only a bookstore, but unique gifts specific to the area. There was also a great Clay Studio in the back to create your own unique treasure. Next, I took a short historical walk around the town, taking in stops to learn about Caleb Atwater and the Ted Lewis Museum.

Circleville Hidden Gems

Before I went on to my next exploration I stopped in to the local favorite Gibby’s Sports Bar and Eatery. Great burgers- Make sure you try their fries!  The last stop on my short-day trip was to Wittich’s Candy Shop and Soda Fountain. Not only is this place adorable, it’s the nation’s oldest family owned and operated candy store!

There is a reason this charming town was voted one of America’s Best Communities, it’s friendly people, unique shops and a nationally recognized event make this a fantastic destination for a day or weekend trip.

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