Delphi, IN-Opera, Bacon, and Carnegie

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My Town Destination: Delphi IN, Carroll County

Trip Type: Day Trip

Date of Visit: 6-12-18

Town Ambassador/Contact:  Julia Leahy- Phone: 765-564-6757 Email:

Revitalization Embraced:

I came into Delphi off of Indiana route 18/421 heading East, and took a left onto Washington Street to find an amazing site; a tried and true town square that was bustling with life. My first thoughts about Delphi were that it’s clearly making the most of its small town charm, and it turns out there is a reason for that. In 2012 Delphi was named a recipient of the Stellar Communities grant funding. The grant made a day trippers experience great as Delphi’s plan included revitalizing the downtown business district, creating paths from the Hoosier Heartland Corridor through downtown to increase tourism to the Wabash and Erie Canal Park and restoring the Delphi Opera House. Investing millions into their infrastructure to make the town a truly walkable, charming place to visit with an invigorated downtown will make your day!

Champions for Preservation:

Delphi is an adorable town with a population just under 3,000 located twenty minutes northeast of Lafayette, and is the county seat of Carroll County, Indiana. The town has great historical features, you can start your historical journey here with the Delphi Preservation Society.  And don’t miss the Delphi Wabash and Erie Canal, there have been many volunteer hours put into this site with several reconstruction models, original buildings moved to the location, boat tours, and year round events.

Opera, Bacon, and Carnegie:

One of the first places I had the pleasure of seeing is the Delphi Opera House. Newly restored to its glory days, this beautiful building has shows year round, and has hosted local and celebrity productions alike! The building houses beautiful architecture and original design, for you to enjoy in addition to seeing a great show. The Delphi Opera House also houses the Opera House Gallery of Contemporary Art  where you can find incredible photography, jewelry and local artwork that is truly beautiful for yourself or a gift!

The walk around the town boasts several great local shops and restaurants such as The Urban Chique Boutique, Calico Plus and the local staple, The Sandwich Shop that has been in business over 70 years! And its next door neighbor The Brick and Mortar Pub offering a great bar, burgers and more.

But don’t miss the opportunity to see the Delphi Library- yes the library, Why? This particular library is a one of the original Carnegie Libraries built with donations from Andrew Carnegie himself in 1904.

Saved the best for last. While I was not able to attend this event while in Delphi, I will be returning for their Annual Indiana Bacon Festival! The festival being a creative idea based on the fact that that the Indiana Kitchen Company is located right outside Delphi the event features all things bacon: Indiana Kitchen bacon, local breweries & wineries, as well as a variety of vendors, a 5 K and more!

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You truly cannot miss a trip to Delphi whether you live nearby-or are passing though Indiana, take a look at your GPS to see if you can stop in and experience a truly remarkable little place in Indiana!

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  1. I was born and raised in Carroll County, Indiana and absolutely love living here! That’s one of the reasons why I decided to work for the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce. Please feel free to list me as your point of contact for the area. Thank you!

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