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Vermilion- Small Town on a Great Lake:

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My first impression of Vermilion…Most adorable town ever! I was fortunate to have come on a beautiful summer day, low 80’s for the high and breezy, But even if it were hot, it would not deter from the charm of this Lake Erie town. I parked near the main drag in Harbour Town 1837 District and started my walking tour. The first place I had to stop was Main Street Beach, because how many small-towns have a beach right in their downtown? There is a great lighthouse on the beach that has become iconic and a great place for pictures. Vermilion is a town that caters to guests, and there were smiling faces all around. A town of just under 11,000, Vermilion is known as a resort community because of its beaches and parks, but really it’s the people in this town that make it an incredible find, and the feeling that its shop and restaurant owners leave with you. It may not be big, but Vermilion leaves a huge impression.

Vermilion’s Entrepreneurial Spirit:

The great part of this town is that it has maintained a great deal of it’s family-owned businesses, and entrepreneurial spirit. While speaking to a local business owner,  I was impressed at the level of true small-town spirit and ownership of this town’s heritage and small-town culture. He stated several times: “everyone here is family” and having been through most of the town, I knew he meant it. While Lake Erie is the main attraction, the idyllic small town shops run a very close second. You simply want to spend time going up and down these streets, and of course afterwards head straight to Main Street Beach.

Me Party! Woodstock Café:

 I had to take a moment to highlight a special restaurant on this trip. Sometimes you just walk into the right place at the right time, and  Woodstock Café was that place for me in Vermilion. Incredibly fun atmosphere and small-town feel, great staff and wonderful food. The waitress made me feel right at home. I tested out a couple recommended beers before landing on the Hemperor by New Belgium- its not a local beer, but it fits the theme of this restaurant, and is very good. The folks next to me found some great reading materials in the drawers of the custom-made bar-made from an old card filing system from the local school. Woodstock Café is a must if your coming to Vermilion.

Places Not to Miss:

Wood stock Café- Great food and atmosphere.  Crystal’s Treasure Chest– Original made Lake Erie beach glass items.  Lees Landing- Family- owned great nautical Items. Brummers-Family-owned, chocolatiers and candy makers. The Olive Scene- Every kind of Olive oil you can imagine. This is just a few highlights, but there are many more for all tastes, moods, and genres.

Great Inn’s to Stay:

Old Vermilion Jailhouse, Gilchrist Guesthouse, Pelton Place

Great Place’s on or Near the Water: 

Romp’s Dairy Dock– Part of Romp’s Lake Erie Marina  Was told by locals it is the best place for Ice-Cream, and to park your boat! Quaker State and Lube/McGarvey’s Landing- Not a small restaurant, but right on the water in the Marina, and a lot of fun. McGarvey’s Landing original restaurant dates back to 1929.  Linwood Park– a local favorite.


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