Brookston, IN- Popcorn, Apples, and Community

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My Town Destination: Brookston, IN

Trip Type: Day Trip

Date of Visit: 9/15/18

Town Ambassador/Contact: Janet Dold /Phone: 574-583-7220/

You many not have heard of Brookston, Indiana, but if you travel between Indianapolis and Chicago on I-65, you have passed it. Brookston is a town of only 1,500 people, but is conveniently located in White County an hour south of Chicago and about the same north of Indianapolis. It’s only a fifteen-minute drive from Lafayette, and West Lafayette (Home of Purdue University). Yet, while being very close to several larger towns and cities, Brookston continues to provide all the small town charm Indiana is known for. Brookston has also garnered attention recently for a special event.

Brookston Apple Popcorn Festival:

The Brookston Apple Popcorn Festival takes place the third Saturday each September. It celebrates the local harvest with an abundance of apples and corn (or in this case, popcorn!). This has become quite an event, not only within the area, but attracting individuals state-wide. Founded forty years ago, it is based on two industries in the area; corn(popcorn) and an apple orchard. The event continues to boast all varieties of fun around the two commodities- popcorn, kettle corn, apple dumplings, caramel apples and so much more! There is entertainment all day, and a large food vendor area, and wonderful craft and antique vendors. Check out pictures from this years festival below in the galley.

But what really makes this event stand out from other festivals is the community garage sale aspect. Yes, you read that correctly! When you look at the time of this event, it says it begins at 7 am….that may sound different for a festival, but makes sense for the Apple Popcorn. Over time citizens from Brookston and the surrounding communities have begun to make Apple Popcorn Day, Garage Sale Day, and given the small size of Brookston, this makes it easy for patrons to walk around the town and see what treasures the town’s people hold.

There are also several antique vendors that find spots throughout the town, and it really is a unique experience. There are price ranges for every budget, and activities for kids and adults. The small price points were definitely a wonderful draw, there was even a vendor this year who had bracelet making for kids, for only fifty cents. Just one of many examples why this festival is a wonderful family event.

New Local Businesses Leading The Way:

Like many small towns across America, new businesses are coming in to revitalize old buildings, and take advantage of their unique charm to showcase for patrons. Brookston is no different, within the last year Jackson Street Pub, Crasion Brewing Co., Ivy and Violetts, and B Boutique all opened in the downtown area. These businesses are not only great spots to visit, but offer wonderful perks of living in Brookston. The revitalization is a testament to Brookston residents keeping the town a much desired place to live.

Staples and Local Charm:

There are local favorites all over Brookston, all you have to do is walk down 3rd Street to find favorites like Klein Brot Haus Bakery and Café. Offering incredible baked breads, pies, pastries, and wonderful soups- this place is not just busy, its beloved. Or stop in a the Top Notch Bar for what Facebookers claim is “the best kept secret” within three counties for dinner! Have a sweet and salty craving? Head over to the locally owned Lickity Spilt, and grab an ice cream cone and a hot dog! In addition, Indiana- based chains are taking advantage of the small town charm. Pizza King , also renovated a downtown building into a great local hangout.

There are great hidden features about Brookston- such as Twinrocker Handmade Paper (writers, crafters, and stationary lovers rejoice! This place is incredible, check them out online). There is also a Carnegie Library and Kent’s Cucurbit’s Farm offering a Corn Maze and all sorts of Fall favorites for Brookston and the surrounding communities.

A Great Place to Live:

If passing though Indiana, Brookston is a unique stop in your travels, and a great place to live. For anyone who appreciates small town charm, Brookston has many amenities for its small size, for example: a local hardware store, a local market, a library, a bakery, and several great restaurants and places to get unique gifts. The people in town are friendly, and make you feel welcome, and most importantly, they are proud of where they live.



MTT Antique and Market Finds

Many small towns are known for having great Antique Shops and Farmers Markets, this can also include Thrift Shops and the like! Here are some great MTT Antique Finds from Brookston:

Relics Antiques

Reclaimed Hope

Brookston Apple Popcorn Festival– You cannot miss one of the best antique, craft, and community garage sale opportunities in Indiana! Mark your calendar for September 2019!


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