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Sunbury-Galena, OH-Village Squares, Inns and Boardwalks

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My Town Destination: Sunbury and Galena ,OH, Delaware County

Trip Type: Day Trip

Date of Visit: 11/3/18

Town Ambassador/Contact:  June Rhodes-Diehl Phone: (740)965-2684

My first impression of Sunbury as I drove into town- cutest town ever! A town of roughly 4,300, it has a traditional town square and many immediate features you would expect to see, such as: highlighted history with markers, and local eateries.  Located in Delaware County, the surroundings were enhanced this trip by the beautiful fall foliage that the county is known for. The first place my eyes were drawn to was the Sunbury Grill. This happened for two reasons. it was all lit up, and it was packed! Hallmark of a great small-town eatery, and I couldn’t wait to have breakfast there.

Idyllic and Genuinely Satisfying

Sunbury is not big. Were talking only 4,500 people max, but they know how to treat guests and feed them! I am definitely a foodie, and when I travel, I am looking for what’s good and recommended (I can eat healthy when I’m at home). So I was excited when I saw a monster breakfast item on the menu called the “Sunbury Slammer,” encompassing hash browns, eggs, bacon and covered with sausage gravy and cheese. The Sunbury Grill also has so many regulars that they actually have their names on the booth, pretty small town wonderful!  Now that I had the most satisfying breakfast ever, I had to explore the town to walk it off. The first place I wanted to explore was the town square history.

History Takes Advantage of Charm

As mentioned before the town square has historical markers. The first thing you see in the middle of the square is a statue, and a large building that sits in the middle of the park-like square. You can also read about the glacial erratic that happens to be in the middle of the square. You will also see there’s an appearance by Johnny Appleseed. The large statue is of Major General William Starke Rosecrans. Rosecrans who was not only a soldier, but an engineer, inventor and architect. He commanded the Union armies in Ohio, and honestly his list of accomplishments is astonishing. Read more about him here. The large building that sits in the middle of the square is the “Sunbury Institute”. Once a place of classrooms, meeting rooms and even a theater, it now is home to the Town Hall. Read about its vibrant and interesting timeline here.

Once you have explored the square, you can cross the street to see the restored Myers Inn. The Myers Inn is not an Inn in which you can stay, but a beautiful museum that was and continues to be a labor of love for many people in the town. Lovingly reclaimed by the Big Walnut Historical Society, this project took over thirty years to complete! Why was this so important? This was the home, Inn, and Tavern of Major General William Starke Rosecrans, and it preserves original construction from the 1820’s. A very sweet and knowledgeable volunteer took us through the home that has all original décor collected from the area from the ninetieth century- my favorite, the beds that you could sleep in with up to 2 other people for .25 cents.  Yes, when it was a boarding house that was the price, and not for your own room or even your own bed. Read more about the Myers Inn Here. You can also see historical information in the Myers Inn on from neighboring Galena.

Galena, OH Quick and Cute

Sitting right next to Sunbury is the small town of Galena. Galena is a town of only 600 plus residents. It’s a great addition to a trip to Delaware county, because of its location. Galena sits on the confluence of the Big and Little Walnut Creeks. This area is now home to the Hoover Mudflats Boardwalk, which is an Osprey nesting nature preserve. This is also a great place for a beautiful walk on a fall day. Established in 1809 as a Milling Center, make sure to stop in at the Galena Museum to learn about why Galena is famous for Shale Tile and Brick.

Before you start your adventure, make sure to stop in at the Coffee Vault. It’s a wonderful renovation from a historical bank to a coffee shop, and it’s within walking distance to the boardwalk. Delaware County is also a beautiful area for several types of recreation, click here to learn more.

A Few More Places Not to Miss in Sunbury

While I started my day at the local diner, there were several other great places to explore, here are a few not to miss: Barn Door Boutique, Firehouse Tavern, YUM-EE  Donuts , Molly’s Flowers and Gifts.

MTT Antique and Market Finds

Small towns are known for having great Antique Shops and Farmers Markets, including Thrift Shops, Local Eats, and the like! Here are some great MTT Antique Finds from Sunbury and Galena:

Weidner’s Village Square Antique Mall

Cherry Street Antiques





MTT Referral

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The referral for this entry is: Steubenville, OH . Stay tuned for My Town Today to pop up there soon.

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