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Welcome to My Town Today

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Welcome to My Town Today! We are delighted that you visited the My Town Today website to learn more about this growing movement to promote our small towns and cities.

My Town Today is a National Movement committed to the preservation and promotion of small town culture through its local ambassadors, residents, and patrons; and has a mission to encourage stability and growth of small town culture, values, and heritage to the betterment of its communities.

As consultant’s who travel the country- the founders of My Town Today, had an idea based on their love of visiting small towns in their travels. They found that often while traveling, finding something to do when visiting a new town was not always easy, weekdays even less so.

One day in June of 2017 on the way to work, one of the founders was going through the event section of the local visitor’s guide and realized that there were several events they would have loved to have attended, had they known about them the night before.  The conversation then lead to the question: What if we had a platform for small towns and events to be easily searchable? Not just local, but national, and accessible all the time? It was then that the idea for My Town Today was born. Since that day, My Town Today continues to grow from town residents, members, and ambassadors (see below) who spread the word about their unique and interesting attributes.

A Local Ambassador for My Town Today is a voice for their town, and if the Ambassador chooses, surrounding towns and cities. Ambassadors keep their town’s unique and interesting attributes alive and well on the My Town Today platform. An Ambassador for My Town Today embodies small town pride and values, and strives to share all that their town can offer using My Town Today’s platform.  My Town Today Local Ambassadors are an integral part of the My Town Today Mission, and are vital to the growth and communication of My Town Today.

If you are part of wonderful town that you would like to have on the My Town Today website, or have a National Ambassador write about please email us at: info@my-town-today.com.

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