Ticketed Event Pricing and Info

My Town Events Overview

Partnering with My Town Today for your events  is a great way to increase your presence online, support the small town niche, and save money in comparison to other event software. My Town’s mission is to connect people with small town culture and values through travel, and we believe events have a significant role in that mission. We want your events to be successful! With My Town Events you get:


The Most Up To Date Ticketing Software

Automated Social Sharing

Virtual Events Easily Embed Livestreams, Integrate with Zoom, and Optimize your calendar for virtual events

My Town Events Pricing

My Town wants to keep it simple when it comes to pricing- Instead of doing the standard two types of pricing per ticket (a percentage and a flat fee per ticket) My Town does a simple 5%. That’s all you have to factor in! In addition to the 5% there are standard processing fees- unfortunately no online company can get away from that- sorry! But My Town does have more good news to make the cost even lower- Become an Ambassador Member or higher and the cost is only 3% per event!!

You can start creating your event today by Clicking Here for Events Only, or to become a Member of My Town Today Click Here. In addition, we would be happy to discuss how partnering with My Town for your events is a great choice for your business or organization! email us anytime to schedule a time to chat. info@mytowntoday.com


  • Attendee registration forms : Collect key details from name and email to T-shirt size and food preference
  • Mobile ticketing app : QR check-in makes day-of event management a breeze.
  • Event Presence on My Town :Website and Social Sites for increased audience
  • Ticket stock countdown : Let customers know how many tickets are left with automatic ticket counts.
  • Custom ticket tiers : Share stock between ticket types or allow unlimited attendees.
  • My Town ticket management : Create all your tickets and RSVPs right from your My Town dashboard—no third-party sites.
  • Ticket insights : Generate sales and attendee reports for your events and tickets.
  • Email confirmation : Keep attendees in the loop with automatic ticket confirmations.
  • Online event registration : Manage registration and ticket sales for your free or paid virtual events.
  • Display Attendees : Increase engagement by publicly showing who is attending an event.
  • Attendee-only Content : Show certain info (like virtual event links, or registration) only to people attending the event.
  • Payment Processing : Conveniently managed by My Town Today and your event revenue sent directly to you. 


  • QR Code Check In
  • RSVP’s
  • Ticket Sales
  • PayPal Integration
  • Check Guests in at the Door
  • Custom Ticket Templates
  • Exportable Attendee Reports
  • Mobile-Ready Design
  • My Town Audience Presence
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