Why would I become a Local Ambassador for My Town Today?

As a resident, you know better than anyone what makes your town unique and interesting. By using the My Town Platform you can Put Your Town On The Map by using My Town’s location software and manage what makes your town special. You can add, update and manage events on the My Town Events calendar which is searchable by location or event type. This allows My Town users to find your events and activities when they are nearby.

Can more than one person be a local ambassador in a town?

Absolutely! A town with two or more ambassadors that complement each other can better represent the unique and interesting features of their beloved town. In conjunction with individuals, businesses and community leaders, Ambassadors can help coordinate and increase the exposure of their town on a local, regional and national scale.

Local Ambassadors have opportunities to grow their own Ambassador Program in their town. My Town Today Ambassador Seminars walk participants through what being an ambassador of their town entails. These seminars are designed to educate Local Ambassadors on several key features of their town and how to market their unique history to visitors. Once completed, My Town Today leaders may return for future Seminars, or Local Ambassadors may choose to develop and expand their programs without additional assistance from My Town Today.

Why does it cost a small fee to become a Local Ambassador?

The cost to create, grow and develop beneficial resources specific to small towns is significant. My Town Today is a labor of love from those who have created it. The fee helps to offset the costs of maintaining the website, security, and continue developing features that enhance the Ambassadors ability to feature their town on a national scale.

How is being a Local Ambassador different from other levels of membership?

The primary difference between the Local Ambassador and other levels of membership is the ability to submit articles for consideration for publication on the My Town Today website and Newsletter. Local Ambassadors can write articles documenting experiences and highlighting the unique attributes of their towns. If approved, these articles will be included and possibly featured on My Town Today. Unlike individual members, small business members and community leaders which mostly focus on using the My Town Today platform to feature their own events and activities, Local Ambassadors are representatives of the whole town.

This unique distinction is important because Local Ambassadors are expected to represent their town in an unbiased manner, while other members may and should highlight the events and activities that best support their own endeavors. Other members use My Town Today to draw attention to yard sales, weekly specials and sales, or local business meetings. Ambassadors highlight community events, festivals, and everything that makes their town great.

Another great feature of Local Ambassadors is the ability to document and write about any trips to other small towns. Lets face it, if you love your town, you are likely to love other small towns. As a Local Ambassador, you are able to submit articles about the places you visit just like you would about your own town.

How Do I contact My Town Today?

Use the contact form here

How do I submit and Manage Events on My Town Today’s Website?

Navigate to the events page at My Town Today and simply click “Add Your Event” Fill in all the pertinent information and submit. As a Local Ambassador or any level of Member, you can manage and edit your events. You can create recurring events, change dates, locations, or even cancel events if needed.

What is the long-term vision for My Town Today?

My Town’s Vison is to be the premier platform for users to find their favorite activities and new experiences in small towns. Our dream is to provide the best resources and opportunities for Ambassadors and members to showcase their unique towns on a local, regional and national scale. With your contributions and feedback, we can turn this dream in to reality together.