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My Town Marketplace a community specifically for small town vendors to sell goods and services
Event Promotions Post and manage your small town events on our National Calendar searchable by location with ticketing and social sharing capabilities
Membership with benefits of promoting your small town and its community members, through discounted and packaged offers and a social community

Travel writing is of great importance to My Town Today, and we strive to bring your town’s best assets and unique attributes to as many readers as we can, through our website and social channels.

Click here to request a visit, or email us at to set up time set up a time to discuss a visit, having an article written about your town, and to request a full My Town Today Media Kit/Traffic Report.

My Town Advertising Opportunities

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Upcoming Webinars and Seminars

We are currently developing Webinars, Courses and Events for Small Town Promotion and Community Awareness Hosted by My Town Today CEO, Kristy Burns