Local Ambassador
$29.99 / year
Can submit articles for publication on My Town Today
Best Choice for Town Advocates
Unlimited Event and Activity Listings
Discounts on Conferences, Seminars and Advertising
Individual Membership
$19.99 / year
Unlimited event listings
Edit and manage multiple events
List recurring events
Grow your town's influence on a national scale
Small Business Membership
$99.99 / year
Ideal for Small Business Owners
Great Choice for Community Influencers
Perfect for Growing Your Market
Community Leader Membership
$149.99 / year
Great for Associations and Groups
Best Choice for Larger Community Businesses
Perfect for Chambers of Commerce
For Leading Organizations and Agencies

My Town Today Membership Overview:

Joining as a member of My Town Today may be one of the most cost-effective and easiest investments you can make in the prosperity of your town.

Supporting and investing in My Town Today gives you:

  • Advocacy for Economic Growth Connections for New Contacts and Patrons
  • Advertising and Exposure
  • Networking, Education and Support
  • Continued access to My Town Today Platform

Vision Statement: My Town Today is a National Movement committed to the preservation and promotion of small town culture through its local ambassadors, residents, and patrons.

Mission Statement: My Town Today’s mission is to encourage stability and growth through the promotion of small town culture, values, and heritage for the betterment of its communities.

My Town Today offers benefits to members as well as opportunities to serve their local communities. My Town Today is a growing movement, and being part of My Town Today is an investment in the betterment of your community and the National Movement of My Town Today.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Ambassador Experience Write Up: As a member of My Town Today, y you can request a visit from a National Ambassador to your town who will catalogue the experience on My Town Today.
  • Unlimited event listings (On My Town Today Website)
  • YouTube Video’s of your event uploaded to the My Town Today Channel (restrictions apply)
  • Newsletters and Advertising: Members also have opportunities to publicize their towns under the My Town Today brand.
  • Discounted advertising opportunities on My Town Today website and in My Town Today’s monthly newsletter.
  • Seminars and Conferences: All members will receive discounted pricing on all My Town Today National Conferences and Regional Seminars.
  • Social Media: All My Town Today Members are able to submit pictures and short snippets to the My Town Today team to upload on the My Town Today Instagram and Facebook platforms. (restrictions apply)